Safety & Loss Control

We aim to drastically reduce the frequency and severity of losses while increasing safety.

We understand what you’re dealing with. We understand the perils of your industry. We have the scars on our back from our time in your industry. We put all your pains in a formal service plan and then come to work for you. IBTX’s safety & loss control professionals work to proactively prevent or reduce loss that develops from accidents, injury, illness and property damage.

Our risk management team finds your weaknesses and brings solutions to the table. We design customized safety & loss prevention plans and implement operational advancements to limit claims, OSHA citations and lost productivity. With IBTX, our clients are advised, educated and provided hands-on training to create new habits that minimize risk and maximize profitability. Our intent is to understand your business and your people and how that affects your bottom line.


IBTX Specializes in Safety & Loss Control Services Including:

  • OSHA Support, Training & Compliance
  • Safety Training & Education
  • Jobsite & Facility Inspections
  • Accident Investigation, Corrective/Preventative Implementation
  • Safety Policy Manual Design & Review
  • Development & Implementation of Customized Health & Safety Programs
  • Transportation/Fleet Audits & FMCSA Compliance
  • Loss Mitigation
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Company Contingency Planning
  • English/Spanish Training and Document Translation

Safety & Loss Control

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