Securing business-friendly bonds since 1967.

At IBTX, we have distinguished ourselves in assuring clients maximum bonding capacity. Our experts in Contract Surety Bonds have established lasting relationships with reputable sureties, offering clients more bonding opportunities. Our experience with underwriters allows us to better match your company with the right surety to meet your bonding needs. We enhance perspectives, provide clients the tools for success and will advocate on your behalf. Our goal is to ensure your growing success through strategic planning with the surety and constantly having your overall objective in mind.

IBTX holds licenses throughout the United States to serve clients on a national level, making it one of the largest independent contract and commercial surety producers in Texas providing all types of surety bonds.


Surety Services and Client Advantages:

  • Balance Sheet Analysis
  • Work in Progress Consulting
  • Increased working capital through debt and balance sheet management
  • Bond Form and Contract Advice
  • Dividends Available
  • Formal Written Bond Program
  • Succession Planning


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