Energy Risk Management

Risks in the energy field are extremely complex. IBTX’s Oil & Gas Department is fully aware of the external pressures and regulations affecting the industry, as well as best business practices. Our awareness and expertise helps formulate our risk management solutions. These plans help businesses avoid losses and penalties, while also increasing value protection, business continuity, profitability and long-term growth.  

IBTX Provides Risk Management Solutions For:

Oilfield Operations
Exploration & Production
Field & Site Operations
Energy-related Transportation
Utilities & Underground Services
Renewable Energy
Midstream Operations
Oilfield Service Contractors

IBTX helps organizations embed risk planning measures into their day-to-day activities to optimize overall operations. By evaluating operational, reputational and technical risks, our team develops plans to protect you from the unexpected and create value potential for your organization. In an already hazardous setting, accidents can be disastrous. Make sure your company is ready if and when an event occurs.

Select Services & Coverages We Provide Include:

ISNetworld Compliance
SafeLand & SafeGulf Training
Control of Well Coverage
OSHA Compliance
Environmental Coverage

Learn how IBTX can help your business’s risk management strategy by contacting us today.